Refrigerators Repair in Austin, TX

Many homeowners take refrigerators as if they were a luxury; that is when they start to stop working or experience other issues. The appliances that are hard to work with are complex machines, and fixing them typically requires plumbing and electricity, making them challenging and potentially hazardous to repair and troubleshoot. The experienced experts at Appliance Genius Home & Commercial Services provide refrigerator repair in Austin and will get your refrigerator back up and running in no time.

APPLIANCE GENIUS skilled appliance repair technicians can assist with virtually any refrigerator repair needed by homeowners in Austin. We repair nearly all brands and can repair, install or replace any component of your refrigerator or freezer.

The most frequently asked questions we hear about include:

  • The refrigerator or freezer isn't cool enough

  • Frost or ice buildup

  • drips through the ceiling in the refrigerator

  • water that has leaked onto the floor

  • The compressor isn't running

  • the fridge is constantly running or cycling too frequently

  • gaskets torn

  • the door that isn't closing, or an appliance that is not in balance

  • The water dispenser does not work

  • Food items that are frozen in the refrigerator

  • Overflowing ice maker

Standard components we are working on include:

  • Motors

  • sensors to defrost

  • diffusers

  • door gaskets

  • Evaporators

  • Ice makers

  • temperature control boards for temperature control

We're delighted to offer you an honest opinion on when it's time to upgrade your refrigerator if you perform more repairs.


APPLIANCE GENIUS has been offering high-quality and reliable commercial and home services in Austin for a long time. Our long-time and loyal clients tell us they are happy to trust us with many different benefits. They also understand that they are safe with any of the technicians we send to their homes since our employees are tested for drugs and checked for criminal backgrounds before they are hired. After being hired, our appliance repair technicians undergo extensive training in-house so that they are ready to handle any circumstance they face on the job. Not the least, but not the last, our service is to take care to treat your home as if it were our home.


Refrigerator & Freezer Maintenance Tips

To ensure that the appliance isn't working too hard and is running at high efficiency:

  • Check that the refrigerator coil is clear of any dust.

  • Do not overload your refrigerator or freezer's motor. Allow sufficient airflow within the refrigerator or freezer by maintaining at least 2 inches of space between the walls and rear of the appliance.

  • Keep door seals free of buildup (melted popsicles, etc. ).

The following tips will help your refrigerator run more effectively and extend its lifespan.

Frequently Answered Questions

1) What are the signs that my refrigerator might not perform as it should?

The most obvious signs that your refrigerator or freezer isn't functioning correctly are:

  • Not cold enough or fluctuating in temperature.

  • There is water pooling underneath your fridge.

  • Your freezer won't turn on.

  • The sound of clunks coming from your fridge or freezer.

  • There's no ice coming out of your freezer.

If you experience any of these issues, our experts can diagnose and fix the problem and allow you to keep food in storage for the next time.

2) Are you able to work on any model and make of refrigerators?

Our repair technicians for appliances can repair most makes and models of refrigerators. Send us a message, and we'll figure out the possibilities to help you!


3) Do you have the ability to repair my freezer?


In most instances, APPLIANCE GENIUS appliance repair technicians can repair repairs to your freezer units, no matter if you are suffering from any of the following issues:

  • your refrigerator isn't operating completely

  • It's not cold enough.

  • it's cold enough

  • There is a loud sound emanating from the freezer.

  • It is turning on and off

  • there is water accumulation on the floors or the freezer.

4) Should I repair or replace my refrigerator?

If one of our experts visits your home, You will get an honest opinion on whether replacing or repairing your refrigerator will be the most cost-effective option.

One factor we'll consider is the length of time you've been a resident of your freezer or refrigerator. The lifespan of a compact refrigerator is typically 4-12 years, while standard refrigerators can last between ten and 18 years. The lifespan of your freezer is between 12 and 20 years. If you've regularly scheduled maintenance of your equipment, they'll last longer than the average.

If you're considering buying a new fridge, keep an eye on when the greatest discounts are offered during the holidays, such as President's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Black Friday. If you can hold off until one of these days is coming, it might help you save money on the purchase at these times of the year.

5) What can I do to increase my refrigerator's lifespan?

You can take care of a few steps to ensure that your fridge and freezer are in good working order.

You can extend the life of your refrigerator by:

  • Regularly clean the refrigerator coils and ensure they're free of pet hair and debris.

  • Ensuring adequate airflow around the motor of your refrigerator. Two inches will be sufficient.

  • Keep door seals clean of buildups, such as melty popsicles and other food residues that stick to the seals.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to help your equipment perform efficiently and last for a longer time.

6) I recently bought a brand new refrigerator, and I want to recycle my old refrigerator. What do I do?

Contact your local utility company or any charitable organizations. In most instances, the utility company or charity will collect and dispose of your working refrigerator or freezer properly for free. You could even be eligible for tax incentives in cash or deductions if you recycle older appliances. If APPLIANCE GENIUS installs the new appliance, we will take away and recycle the old appliance for you at no extra cost.

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